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Playschools have become a necessity for parents today and to find the best one is a challenge. Playschools helps toddlers to develop various skills that are most important at this early stage to make a strong foundation.Interation with other kids, social connection, motor skills, identificaton of colors, recognition of various things they see around them plus much more they get to learn at this small age. They are also often trained for nursery admission interviews so that they can get through the interaction easily.

Please help us by providing names of playschools in noida which is not below in the list.

Although these have become a necessity still it is not mandatory for admission in nursery. My child was never been to any playschool still he was good during the interaction sessions and got the admission as well.

Please read some online reviews before admission just to get a more information and drawbacks of a particular school, internet is a great source where we can easily find positive and negative views mostly given by parents about preschools.

Below is the list of playschools in Noida along with their address and other important details which will be of great help for parents looking for it, hope this will help.

Here is a list of almost all preschools in Noida -

1. Ravi's Noddy Playschool Noida Sector 50,

Address -A-56/1, Kailash Dham Road, Sector-50, Noida,
Phone - 0120-2502824, 0120-257056,
Mobile- 9818136607, 9278220762
Contact Person- Mrs. Gulati (CEO)
Also a day boarding school, located at a very convenient place, nearby, central market sector-50.
Their FAQ section will help you get answer of many questions you may have.

2. Teddy's Mother Care Noida sector 50,

This is just behind Noddy school, very well located, nearby central market sector-50 noida, it has fixed morning timings, not a day boarding school.
Address - A- 56/3. Sector-50, NOIDA,
Contact - 9818778800, 9818778709
                                                                                  Image credit -

 3. Windows Playschool, Sector -50, Noida,

                                                                          Image credit- mycity4kids

Very well located
near by sector 50 community center, Nicely built school,
Day boarding facility not available.
Address - E-6/a, Sector-50, Noida
Phone-  0120-3291236, 3291080
Contact Person- Monica Baluja

4. Khaitan Preschool - Noida

A preschool of Khaitan public school Noida- Sector-40,
Address- 109/B, Sector-40, Noida,
Just behind khaitan public school noida,
Phone- 0120-4279318, 2577535,

Earlier named cuddle kids noida, a good preschool.

5. Kidzee Playschool Noida 

Kidzee playschool is a brandname and many centers are now in noida. Click to see various branches list in noida, Kidzee presently runs centers in sector-27, secto-51, sector-62 and sector-93  in noida. All these branches work differently so contact for day boarding details.

 KIDZEE NOIDA -Sector-27
I-110, Noida,
Phone- 0120-4264076,
Mobile- 9811130621, 9971315253
Contact Person- Hitesh Kumar

KIDZEE - Sector- 51,
H-26, Noida,
Near Ashwini Hospital,
Phone- 7838048632 , 9910572668,
Contact Person- Sushma Yadav
E-mail -

 KIDZEE Noida - Sector-62,
C-30/6, Opposite stellar park apartment,
Contact Person- Mr. Virender Gupta/Laxman das Gupta,
Phone- 0120- 2403227,
Mobile - 9899063843,
E-mail -

KIDZEE - Noida Sector- 93,
Plot No- GT 93,
Opp. ATS green apartments,
Contact Person - Jayendra Namdev. Shraddha,
Phone - 8860772555, 8860772888,

6. Rhythm Playschool Noida - Noida Sector- 51,

Rhythm playschool on facebook,
Address - D-196/1, Sector 51,
Phone- 9899664000,
Contact Person- Sheetal Sharma,
Nearby Kendriya vihar and manav Rachna school,
Day boarding facility available.

7. Stimulus Playschool Noida - Noida sector-39,

B-72 A, Noida,
Phone- 0120-4210337, 4210338
Mobile- 9899345363, 9654911612,
E-mail -,
Nice school with lots of evening activities like dance and art and craft.

8. Gaia playschool Noida - Noida sector - 93,

Gaia playschool Noida is really a school with a difference. though it is not centrally located but luck are the people who stay in sector 93 Noida and surrounding areas. The whole set up is beautiful and  according to kids needs.
Address- NS2, Sector-93, Noida,
Opp. ATS Village,
Phone-9953750670, 9953750671,

9. Bloomz- Manav Rachna International School, MRIS Noida

Nearby rhythm playschool, Bloomz is a preschool  of MRIS, a good and new setup in Noida, it has various branches in NCR.
Address- D-196, Sector-51, Noida,
Phone- 0120-4602350,


10. Sanskar playschool Noida- Noida sector- 35,

A-117C, Sector- 35, Noida, Nearby Sumitra Hospital Noida,
Mobile- 9811139321, 9810525598,
Many after school activities are available, NTT Training also available.

11. Parents pride playschool Noida, Sector - 55,

Address- A-94/B, Sector 55 , Noida, 
Phone-  0120- 3254012,
Mobile- 9811553399
E-mail id -

12. Blossoms playschool - Noida sector 28, Arun Vihar

 Blossoms is a preschool of VBPS Noida,
 Admissions enquiry and details,
 Nearby DPS School noida, blossoms is in the premises of VBPS.
 Phone- 0120- 2455197, 2455142, 2455940,

13. Amiown Noida Playschool - Noida Sector-44,

A preschool of amity international school Noida, Amiown has various branches in NCR,
Phone - 0120-2432960,
Mobile - 9818704663,
Email -

14. ZESTKIDS, Playschool in Noida Sector 92,

Address - B-7, SECTOR- 92,
Noida Expressway,
Mobile- 9810170256, 9810110256,
A day care and learning center, lots of after school activities available.

15. Little Angels Playschool and day care center, Sector 21,

Playschool in Noida, Sector - 21
NS-1, F-Block, Sector-21,
Phone-0120- 2441686, 0120-2531602, 0120- 2540856,
Mobile - 9312085431
E-Mail -

16. The Little Scholar, Noida, Sector-19,

      Address - A-687A, Sector-19,
      Phone- 0120-6512277, 0120-4354424,
      Mobile - 9811342002,
      Very old and very good school of Noida with various evening activities, NTT Training available and day boarding also.


  1. Playschools have turned into a need for parents today and to discover the best one is a test. Playschools helps little children to advance different abilities and most vital at this unanticipated stage is to make an in number establishment which incorporates collaboration with other kids, some essential comprehension and kid ought to be open and dauntless.

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  4. very helpful list of playschools..
    podar international school is one of the best school in mumbai

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  7. very nice blog. More informative. Thanks for sharing Pre School

  8. List is good and also very informative. But as I know a preschool and the name is Risekids is missing. Must include in this article.

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