Friday, 7 February 2014


Today playschools are so easily available that all parents prefer to send their kids to a preschool. Firstly there is a difference between whether preschool education is mandatory and or is it your choice.
By rules it is definitely not necessary but it can certainly make a difference. Some parents send their child to playschool only because they think it is mandatory.
I never sent my son to any playschool and he got admission in 4 very good schools of Noida. I did not sent him because after taking him to few surrounding playschools for admission i was not convinced if they can really do anything extra which i cannot. The only difference i found was the social interaction at an early age which probably i cannot manage to do at home...but still i preferred not to send. May be because i left my job, i had time for my child  and i was not ready to send my child to these commercialized playschools where only the packaging attracts. But that was totally my decision..right or wrong but no regrets.I faced few playschool related question during the interview and amazed to see that the schools really don't care if they are satisfied with the child.

Does your child need a preschool?

Time here is an important factor, if you cannot devote enough time to your child to build his or her foundation strong then preschool is the best option.
If your child is too much of mama's baby or does to interact with other kids or cannot talk with confidence or does not recognize things or does not adapt home learning methods then he or she really needs a playschool.

For working women it is a must and a need and certainly have many advantages like,

Social interaction,
Become habitual to school life,
Learns to stay away from mothers and do things without Mom's help,
Learn to eat food by their own,
Learn to hold pencil and scribbling,
Make new friends,
How to work in groups,
Become independent with time,
First day of proper school is easier for playschool kids.
Not to mention they learn to recognize alphabets, colors, shapes, fruits etc.

Every child is different and depends on them also how they deal with it, 2.5 to 3 years is the best age for preschool education. Some parents start preschool their kids at the age of 2 yrs which i think is too early. 3.5 to 4.5 is the age for nursery in most of noida schools so 1 or 1 and a half years of preschool education is enough before nursery. 

Write your views on whether you prefer early childhood education or not? 


  1. I think pre nursery schools are necessary as they teach basic things to children very easily. Childrens in small age learn while playing. Play schools teach children how to be social like sharing of things, live in group etc. Matrikiran play school in gurgaon is more geared towards day care rather than giving education.

  2. Preschools are important as it is the basic building block of child future. Pre schools teach kids the basic things which are much needed for the development of right future.

    I have found MatriKiran Pre School in Gurgaon which is located at sector 49 sohna road as the best due to its wonderful facilities which assures overall development of the kids.


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