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Yes it is a difficult task for the parents because of the fear that one wrong decision will effect their child's career. For example suppose your child gets selection in 3-4 or more schools altogether then what will you do? You will start searching to find which one will be better for for your child. Some are very good in academics and some in extra activities....and so on.
Now below are some parameters on which you can score a school. Hope this will be of some help and list of top ten schools in noida judged on various parameters will also help you decide best school for your child.

INFRASTRUCTURE - Actually infrastructure is the the top priority but at least you would want your child to have at least basic infrastructural facilities like the furniture, proper bathrooms, proper labs, playground, good library and even ac rooms that few parents prefer.

EXTRA CURRICULLAR ACTIVITIES -For overall development these activities are important for each school but still some schools lack on this area. This area is very essential for each child and every child is different where some are very good in academics and some in sports so all areas must be grabbed and parents need to find out schools good in both areas.

ACADEMIC RECORD - Academics is the top most priority on parents list. I believe discipline leads to better academic record in schools. If the school has maintained a better discipline and have good teachers then children gets more inclined towards academics and a result delivers good academic record.

REPUTATION - Reputation comes with time, some schools in noida have become a brand name that after selection you don't want to think twice like Amity or DPS. Some schools are old and well reputed and have maintained a balance between studies and other activities consistently.

DISCIPLINE - Better leadership and alert and trained staff brings discipline in school. Life skills, meditation, respect, advantages of coeducation all promises discipline in a particular school. After few visits  to a school parents can easily judge whether senior students really show any discipline or not.

TEACHERS - Of course every parent want good teachers for their kids but question is how to judge? Well some online research, students reviews and previous surveys will help you to know more about teachers.\

DISTANCE - As it has become a rule in delhi but not in noida yet but nearby schools are always better choice for younger kids. Not more than 6-8kms distance is good so that you can easily cat

TRANSPORT - Good transport facility with well trained driver with phone and I- Card , not more kids should be allowed then the capacity of the bus, 1-2 teachers must always be present in the bus.

STUDENT TEACHER RATIO - If you confirm this from schools they will say 30:1 is the student teacher ratio but actually it is always more like 40-50 students. So if this area really matters to you then check with class 1st or 2nd students parents for the current ratio.

COMMUNICATION - School must be responsive in any problem that parents face like the bus has not come or reporting a complain or a sudden holiday confirmation etc. for which there phone lines should always be working.

FEES -  School fees matters a lot to every parents. All these new schools with ac rooms and high class infrastructure demand very high fees as compared old reputed noida schools like DPS or VPBS. So fees will definitely help you to filter few schools.

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  3. Decisions about where your child goes to school are very personal and can be difficult. It’s common and normal for parents to feel anxious about getting this decision right.
    For some parents, the decision is simple. Their children go to the local public school – the school in the same government zone as their house. Other parents might want to look further afield at other government schools (‘out-of area’ schools) or private schools.

  4. Great information for any parent


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