Friday, 11 April 2014


An increase of 10-60% hike in school fees is what parents are bearing this year in noida schools. The question is...why so much? When there is no additional activities added, no extra books added, no guards appointed in the school buses, no additional facilities given and everything is just the same then why?
May be inflation has affected only the schools and not the parents.

Every year we see 10-15% increase in overall school fees, which i believe is still acceptable but an increase of 40-60% increase which we have seen this year is just not acceptable But what can the parents do...most of us just give it a let go. School management justifies it by saying that due to an increase in DA every year and schools get no government funds which is why they increase the fees. So eventually parents bear all the burden. Can i do anything more then writing the issue on my blog? Or may be make a group and sit on dharna? I think that's the last option left.

A recent protest was registered by FONRWA, Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Organization,  demanding action against such schools, the issue has also been addressed to UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav asking him to take action. Besides fees hike there is also an eight point demand list, click here to read more on that. FONRWA will protest after elections if the concern bodies fails to take action against the schools.

As a parent i fully support the move as this is really important and i am sure all parents will support this. There must be fixed rules and regulations that schools should follow and a govt. body or the administration must keep an eye whether schools are following the regulations or not and should take strict action against schools that fails to follow. 

The reason for 50-60 % increase is a big question. Suppose till now you were paying 2500/- as tution fees and now it is increased to 3500/-, now this means that it is an increase of 40%. Now suppose if the school has 3500 students overall that means school is getting 35,00000/- more after every three months. In a year the figure comes to 1,40,00000. Now does all this goes to the teaching staff as DA...seems impossible. And how much of it is spend on its students because for every extra activity parents anyways pays extra which is not included in the tution fees. 

Something must be done to correct this incorrect move of the schools and they must be restricted from making such increase in tution fees.

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