Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Nursery admission interview - Identification of colors

While preparing your child for nursery admission interview, identification of colors is very important. And this is not at all a big task to complete. But we as parents should not focus on just the interview rather try to make their foundation strong. Kids of this age are very smart and intelligent and their learning ability is very good. Recognition of colors and color names helps in improving child visual sense and also kids overall development. Below are few ways which will help largely to teach kids about various colors.

1. Strange but internet contributes largely to help kids learn colors. Like many videos are their where you can just play the video where your child is around. They will get  attracted towards the rhyming video naturally. Set the repeat option so that it keeps on playing at least 2-3 times. This helps a lot.

 2. Everyday objects that the picks up or are usually around. One example is the,
 milk which the child drinks regularly,
 or the clothes that he wears,
 or the wall color which he sees mostly,
or the fruits like oranges, apple and lemon which shows clear color.
Plus many such things which you see that he comes across or sees regularly.

3. Toys and games are their best friend at this age, so keep balls of different colors, or soft toys in one color, color matching games. One toy with many colors will not help much. 

4. Wall charts and flash cards also helps where at a very young age they look at the wall chart and they generate a liking for a particular color. Specially wall charts having big images immensely help.This way they also begin to differentiate between colors.

5. Picture books , color rhymes like oranges and lemon etc. and books which shows single color objects in one page, like red will show a red apple, a red flower, a red dress and so on.

6. If you can't do the above then send your child to a preschool where teachers will teach them in their own ways.

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