Saturday, 16 August 2014

Can I opt for homeschooling? Is homeschooling legal in India?

I have been looking to the answer to these questions since long. Whether we opt for homeschooling or not but we should be aware of the legalities related to homeschooling in India and does RTE has any laws regarding homeschooling. Whatever is happening in the schools these days like discrimination, rapes, child abuse and so on  i wanted to be aware of homeschooling. Many parents nowadays are homeschooling there kids. And why not? I mean we spend so much money on child education and still don't get the desired result and satisfaction. 

Debate is on -
But the debate is always on and the topic itself is debatable. Some say schooling is not just studies but children learn to interact and socialize and some say does a child really needs such big groups to socialize and schooling is the only option left if i want my child to socialize and interact with other kids? The answer is no...i can make my child learn more important things that are of his interest. And how can we forget the case of Edison who was thrown out of the school in class 4rth. Later what he did is still not history. Homeschooling must get its due recognition and it should become a very common form of alternative education.
Legal or Not?

Now whether homeschooling is legal in India or not is another debatable question? RTE that is right to education act makes formal schooling mandatory for children of the age group 6 to 14 years. But the act does not say homeschooling is illegal rather it says that parents who opt for homeschooling can do so without any specification on the consequences of homeschooling. But this clearly means that parents can choose homeschooling as an alternative form of education and they can register with NIOS for the board exams. NIOS which is National Institute of Open Schooling might close in 2015 which is a matter of concern for homeschooling kids. Many are still choosing this option without any trouble till date and the number is growing and are facing no problems so no idea about the future of homeschooling but it has its advantages for sure. 

I think government should make some changes in the RTE specially for homeschooling kids and parents must be free to choose whatever form of education they want for their children. It should become fully legal without any confusion and in simple words they can plan something to monitor the progress of these children be it knowledge based or exam based. Your views are important please keep sending your views on homeschooling.
The link will help you know more homeschooling facts India

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