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Nursery admission decision - ICSE or CBSE

Before moving on to which is better and which is less we must not forget that whether your child studies CBSE course or ICSE course they will do their respective jobs same way like for example a doctor will do an operation the same way or
pilot will fly the plane as it flies whether he or she studied ICSE or CBSE. I have heard many times parents asking for the form of education like CBSE and ICSE board before admission in a particular school and undoubtedly most prefer CBSE over ICSE and that is because it is more popular but things are changing and many are looking for ICSE because of its balanced approach.

Although both are very good and has got worldwide recognition and parents face no problem while admission for higher studies. The only major difference between the two is curricullum and syllabus and this should be the only concern for parents. For this we all must be aware of curriculum of both. Let us see some differences between the two.

What is ICSE?

Indian certificate for secondary education - ICSE was established by University of Cambridge Local examination syndicate. It is not a board as CBSE but a certificate offered as ICSE for class tenth and ISC for class 12th by CISCE.

ICSE and ISC are the exams conducted by CISCE like AISSE for class 10 and 12th. CISCE is Council of indian school certificate examination which is equivalent to CBSE.  So it is actually CBSE vs CISCE,

ICSE is private and not recognized by the government of India but has got international recognition and valid across the world because of its more balanced syllabus and focus on language.
Its curriculum is vast and has more practical approach which is why this can be considered good during primary classes. But for higher classes syllabus looks more and one has to learn a lot. Still has a balanced approach and focuses on all subjects specially language.

Hindi is not recommended by ICSE as the medium of instruction.  Slowing gaining its popularity in India but since CBSE is older and recognized parents prefer CBSE. Many parents still prefer ICSE over CBSE because of its more balanced approach.

After 10+2 - Medical and engineering examinations are not based on ICSE syllabus, although recognized by the colleges ICSE students are sometimes compared with CBSE applicants during admissions.

What is CBSE board?

Central board of secondary education is a more popular and old board in India.CBSE is recognized by NCERT (National council of education research and training). It regulates kendriya vidyalaya chain of schools where strictly CBSE syllabus is followed and it also benefits the government employees who are on transferable jobs.

CBSE conducts AISSE and AISSCE examinations for class 10th and 12th. It follows national curriculum and is more preferred over ICSE by the parents.

Syllabus prepared by CBSE is better suited for aspiring medical and engineering students as the entrance examination is based on the NCERT syllabus. Curriculum is much easier than ISCE and unlike ICSE it recommends both Hindi and English languages as medium of instruction. Because of its popularity it is easier to find a school in any state of India as compared to ICSE.

It is up to the parents to choose as both has its advantages and disadvantages. The best way is to take ICSE upto class 10nth and shift to CBSE for classes 11th and 12th. This way a child will be able to get the balanced approach of ICSE and will be able to sit in the entrance according to the CBSE syllabus. Why not get the best of both.

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