Friday, 5 September 2014

Why there is no transparency during nursery admissions? Few points.

Nursery admissions why brings so much panic and haste. Why can't parents just relax and believe in schools criteria? Why parents have so many questions and keep searching internet during admission days? That is because nothing is transparent and what is shown is sometimes so complicated. There is no standard rule or guidelines that all school follows. All schools follows there own parameters already decided and each one is different from another. School really need to make things simpler and transparent on many aspects and few are listed below.

First point here is that once the admission begins schools can show a list of number of vacant seats available in the school for nursery,

Distribution and registrations of forms place and date,

Schools can provide information on student teacher ratio and number of kids in one section. Not lies.

Schools can provide complete information of the faculties to the parents.

Number of seats reserved for weaker section of the society and other reservation if any.

Fee structure is not shown in most of the schools websites which is so important for the parents to know.

Infrastructural facilities details in the school mainly for the special needs kids,

Academics and extra activities balance in school,

Previous years performances academically and in other fields,

Criteria for admission like point system, interview based or lottery system must be declared.

I really wish schools can make the whole process of nursery admissions memorable for parents rather than a nightmare.

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