Friday, 5 September 2014

What is point system for nursery admission?

Nursery admissions rush has already begun, Not just in Noida but in whole NCR region the tension and panic for seats is on. May be the revolutionary period we all are going through after Mr. Modi became PM, hope is there that soon we all be having much relief from all this difficult process and things will be much easier with more school in the society. 

All schools have different criteria for selection like some select through lottery system, some only by testing child's intellect, some schools follows point system. Many parents asked me about 100 point system criteria for admission in nursery.
If we don't look at it as a system it is quite easy to understand that in 100 point system school writes a few points and give marks on each point during interaction. Like if child's sibling is in the same school the he or she will get 5 points extra then others, same way if a child lives within 3kms area around the school he will get more points then the one who lives far off. This way there are few points mentioned and school follows that. In a way this criteria of admission is good and fair.
All parents want that both the siblings should be in one school, alumnis want their kids to be in the same school for which the child will get extra point and same way if the child lives in nearby locality its for his betterment and safety so he will get some extra points.

Here is a list of points that schools considers during nursery admissions - 
1. Alumni - If the child is son or daughter of the faculty of the schools get extra points.
2. Sibling - If the brother or sister of the applicant is in the same school.
3. Distance - If the distance of residence of the child from school is not within the radius of 3kms,
4. Parents - Parents educational qualifications are considered, actually not so qualified should be given preference here and the reverse happens.
5. Physically challenged and girl child gets extra points.
6. Some points are left for the school to decide which can given on the basis of child's interaction. Although only school can decide the parameters for these points.

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